Rebgut Lauda - Die Weinherberge, Hotel, Hochzeit, Tagung, Event und Restaurant

Our home, the Tauberfranken region, is a truly attractive travel destination: for wine and nature lovers, for those interested in culture and history, for day trippers, leisure enthusiasts and vacationers, for business people visiting the many local companies. For all of them, we have created a hotel and restaurant destination in the former state winery which combines naturally well-being, enjoyment and culture.

Our intentions to not only protect the REBgut as a jewel of our region from further deterioration, but to expand it and bring it back to life, had many reasons. Our deep connection to our home Lauda-Königshofen is one of them. The idea of creating a cultural gastronomy where Swabian, Baden and Franconian cultures mix to create a unique character is a second one.

For us at REBgut, way of life and enjoyment means more than just good food and drinks. The stylish and historical ambience, meeting with friends and family, the experience of our cultural landscape with its worthwhile excursion destinations and sights, the opportunity to actively make every stay with us special in a variety of ways - these are the basics that make our REBgut a cultural gastronomy in Tauberfranken.

Relaxed, easy going, friendly, open, honest and with a sense of home, we share our REBgut surrounded by vineyards with our guests - regardless of whether they are local or have traveled from far away.

Way of life and enjoyment connected to home – this is REBgut at Lauda-Königshofen Super User