Rebgut Lauda - Die Weinherberge, Hotel, Hochzeit, Tagung, Event und Restaurant

From the former state winery to a cultural gastronomy - this is how the history of our REBgut can be summed up in a few words. What do we mean by cultural gastronomy?

Good food and drinks, culinary experiences, a unique historical ambience, a relaxed stay with 4-star comfort and an environment in which you can fully enjoy the exciting composition of the Baden wine region and Franconian culture.

Try out yourselve and visit us here with your loved ones, or allow others to enjoy. Just choose a voucher for a stay in our REBgut:

REBgut Voucher

You leave it up to the recipient of your voucher which services he or she wants to enjoy with us at REBgut: a cozy "nightcap", a romantic menu, an overnight stay or one of our arrangements. Our REBgut vouchers can be redeemed individually.

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REBgut restaurant voucher

Give away the pleasure of our regional cuisine with spontaneous creativity. The recipient of this voucher of course chooses the occasion for this culinary experience himself.

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Hotel voucher

In our modern buildings “Wengert” and “Remise”, tastefully furnished double rooms with 4-star comfort await the recipient of your gift. With a view of our vineyard or the Tauber valley. Comfortable beds, modern bathroom with walk-in shower, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, coffee maker and kettle, our gourmet breakfast, optional extras selected by you and our unique REBgut ambience will ensure relaxation and wellbeing.

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